"Then, at that point, she immediately exhausted her pitcher into the box, ran back to the well to draw water, and drew for every one of his camels" (Genesis 24:20).

We read in the Bible that Eliezer, the worker of Abraham, took numerous camels with him when he went down to Mesopotamia, to track down a lady of the hour for his lord's child. He made his camels bow down external the city by the well, to give them water. Also Rebekah got down to the well, and drew water for himself and every one of his camels.

Whenever a camel plunks down and when it gets up, it benevolently lowers itself by bowing down. It likewise stoops down and twists while drinking water. You want to get familiar with the excellent illustration of 'remaining on your knees', from these camels.

You ought to figure out how to remain on your knees before your Lord. Remaining on your knees is an indication of your dutifulness. Whenever you humble yourselves within the sight of the Lord, with weepy supplications, the Lord will without a doubt answer your petitions with a 'without a doubt'.

When a family who were searching for a lady of the hour for their child, caught wind of a lady and went to her home. That lady didn't know about their visit, and according to her typical daily practice, she had locked herself inside her room, remaining on her knees and supplicating. At the point when the lucky man's family attempted to assist, her folks conveyed: that she is prone to implore on her knees for one hour and that they don't upset her during that time. Furthermore requested that they stand by till she completes her supplications.

Also when she emerged from her petitions, her face was shining with the presence of the Lord. The Spirit of the Lord additionally emphatically put an idea in the brain of man of the hour's family saying: "who can track down an ethical lady? For her value is far above valuable pearls". The lucky man's family likewise cheerfully acknowledged her as a girl in-regulation generally appropriate for their family.

Whenever we consider a camel, it shows us about the service of supplicating on knees, which is the best service. Whenever guardians stand on their knees and ask, their kids are honored. Whenever the clergymen of God implore on their knees, the adherents can get going for God. Offspring of God, at whatever point you supplicate, make it a highlight stand on your knees and implore.

Refrain for additional reflection: "Thus I bow my knees to the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, from whom the entire family in paradise and earth is named, that He would allow you, as per the wealth of His glory..." (Ephesians 3:14-16)




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